This is one of the most spectacular mountain range in South America. It is the highest part of the Cordillera Oriental, and is formed by two parallel range about 25  km. long that run north / south with beautiful valleys between. The western range is the higher, and its highest peak is Ritacuba Blanco at 5330 meters. There are more than 15 peaks above 5000 meters.
Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, because of its climate and topography, has a striking abundance of flora. It is specially noted for its frailejones and many varieties are unique to the region. The entire mountain range has been declared a National Park.
The mountains are quite compact, relatively easy to reach and ideal for trekking, mountaineering and climbing.



The starting points for hikes are the villages of Guican and El Cocuy, Situated 10 - 12 hours drive from Bogota.

La Sierra has the most spectacular treks in the Colombian mountains with more than 20 snow peaks, several beautiful lagunas, marvellous frailejon - filled valleys, waterfalls, glaciers and abundant flora, giving you the feeling of walking through a garden.
The average treks – camps altitude is 4000 to 4600 meters.
The average temperature is between +20 to  – 10 below celcius.
The difficult is diverse, because the terrain changes according to the altitude.
The summer months extends from December to February, the rest of the year has an unpredictable weather. Sun, rain and snow in the same day is normal.



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