For many years Rodrigo Arias has been exploring the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, as well as mountain ranges from California to Patagonia. Hostels in many parts of Colombia often recommend his services to those wanting to experience the grandeur of Cocuy National Park.

Arias offers all-inclusive packages for one person or small groups for day hikes, the eight-day circuit trek around the base of the sierra, scaling Ritaku’wa or the other mountains and climbing El Pulpito. He also teaches courses in mountaineering, rock climbing and rescue, and can arrange special excursions. Rodrigo Arias is now working in conjunction with a grou of experienced guides and a strong wotk team as drivers and porters.

Colombiatrek has been active during several years, offering services in different places of the country, focused on outdoor-guided tours and expeditions.

Rodrigo Arias (1993) in Red Rocks National Monument - Nevada - USA
Cañon Tajo - Baja California - Mexico
Vallunaraju summit - Parque Nacional Huascaran . Peru
Torres del Paine - Patagonia . Chile
Parque Nacional Torres del Paine - Glaciar y Lago Grey
Patagonia - Chile
Rodrigo Arias guding at top of Conacvo peak.
Gilberto Castro as a second guide working with ropes.
Parque Nacional Los Glaciares - Patagonia - Argentina
La Esfinge en El Parque Nacional Huascaran - Peru
Rodrigo Arias y Ricardo Alzamora en la cosa nostra - Rock Climbing in Suesca - Colombia
We like to share the richness of the region with a good quality in our service.



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